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Latino State News

Parts of the Willis Tower Could Become Solar Farm

North America’s tallest building and Chicago’s very own Willis Tower (yes, I still call it the Sears Tower too) could soon be turning some of its surface area into a vertical solar farm.

By adding up to 2MW of solar glass panels on the south side of building’s 56th floor, it would be producing the same amount of energy as a 10 acre solar field.

Pythagoras Solar developed what is being called high power density photovoltaic glass units (PVGU) and Inabitat says, “the hybrid technology that lays typical monocrystalline silicon solar cell horizontally between two layers of glass to form an individual tile. An internal plastic reflective prism directs angled sunlight onto the solar cells but allows diffuse daylight and horizontal light through. Think of it as a louvered shade which allows for views but cuts out the harsh direct sun.”