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Latino State News

New Study Says Chicago Metropolitan Workforce Set to be 25% Latino by 2015

A recent study has estimated that roughly 25 percent of Chicago’s workforce will be Hispanic by the year 2015.

The report, titled “The State of Latino Chicago 2010: The New Equation” comes out of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies. It states that while the Latino workforce is quickly growing, due to lagging education and workforce development, Chicago’s Latino population is highly susceptible to the effects of economic crisis.

“At over 1.8 million, Latinos account for 22 percent of metropolitan Chicago’s 8.4 million people,” the study reads. “With the highest labor participation rates of any group, Latinos comprise 20 percent of the metropolitan Chicago labor force and are poised to comprise 25 percent of the labor force by 2015.

Today’s Latinos are hard-working, young, and ambitious, but the knowledge-based and services-oriented economy of the twenty-first century generally demands a level of technical training or educational credentials that many do not possess. If we want to unleash the economic potential of this young and growing population we need to understand spending on public services such as education not as a ‘drain’ but rather as an investment in Chicago’s future.”

The report concludes that additional resources need to be made available for students with the greatest needs, but also for teachers, families and communities.

So if the Latino community is to reach it’s full potential in the metropolitan workforce of Chicago, the community needs to be more involved in the economic, social, and political life of the region.


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