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Latino State News

New Charter School Brings Color to the City’s Usual Gray

Across Chicago, charter schools are being developed and revamped, the latest being the Instituto Health Sciences Academy High School along the border of the city’s Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods.

The 1920s building was transformed by JGMA Architects, who also just completed the UNO Charter Elementary School in Southwest Chicago.

The building now housing the Science Academy was once unable to house anything. Today, the building has unusually pleasant colors running through the hallways and the classrooms. Even the exterior boasts an interesting accent to the neighborhood.

Along the buildings exterior is a unique iridescent skin which not only looks amazing - it changes colors as the on-looker moves - but also serves to shield the building from deterioration while also making it more energy efficient.

Next up for JGMA is the headquarters for the nearby Instituto Del Progresso Latino.