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Latino State News

Millenium Park Invites Mexican Sculptor

  Thanks to collaborations between the Mexican Government (The National Council for the Arts and Culture, with the support of the General consulate of México in Chicago), the city of Chicago (The department of Culture and Millennium Park) and the National Museum of Mexican Art, from April 6 2011, to October of 2012, Millennium Park will host the exhibit “Interconnected: The Sculptures of Yvonne Domenge” in the Boeing North and South Millennium Park galleries. The exhibit counts with four monumental sculptures of great plastic quality, which exhibition will also be possible thanks to the support of The Boeing Company and the Foundation Richard H. Driehaus.

  The Yvonne Domenge exhibit constitutes a significant recognition from the city of Chicago to the quality of the sculptor, and through her, to the contemporary art of México. It is the first time that a Mexican artist is exhibited in the park.

  Domenge’s work shows a fascination for the shapes and geometry of nature. Her enormous spheres seem to defy gravity and space; their rhythmic beauty conveys the sensation of a greater universal order: the structure of a molecule, the microscopic geometry of a virus, the perceptible design of a seed or in the small veins of a leaf, are part of the macrocosmos to which we all belong. Her tree of life, painted bright red and with its branches extended to the sky, indicates the energy of life. The seeds scattered down below, represent the beauty and fragility of new life. In pre-columbine cultures, the tree of life, was a symbol that connected the earthly world with the infra-world and the heavens.

  Yvonne Domenge was born in México City in 1946. she studied plastic arts in the School of Outrement in Montreal, Canada, in the Corcoran Art School in Washington DC and in México City. Domenge has participated in more than 40 individual exhibits and close to 200 collective exhibits in Mexico, the U.S, Canada, Europe and China, including the Louvre museum in Paris. in 2008 her piece Lili won the gold medal in the “Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Contest” in Beijing, China and her work was selected to represent Mexico in the International Sculpture Biennale in Vancouver, Canada.