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Mayor, School Leaders Kick Off Year for Chicago Schools

Mayor and CPS Leadership Visit 19 Schools Across Chicago

Today, Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) leadership visited 19 schools across Chicago to join students, teachers, principals and parents in kicking-off the first full school day and full year for Chicago’s schools.

“It’s a new year for students across Chicago, because now they have a full day and full year of school that matches up to their full potential,” said Mayor Emanuel. “We have great teachers and great kids in this city, and they will now be operating in a system and a school day that works for them.”

Mayor Emanuel greeted students at Jacob Bielder Elementary School after the school’s Principal, Johnson, discussed what students at Bielder will be getting with the full school day: each student will have 45 minutes of specialized reading time at the end of the day; every student will have one more hour each week to participate in a new writing lab, where they will have specialized support from teachers; and recess will be restructured, so that students can participate in intramural sports or in book clubs and reading clubs.

Mayor Emanuel also joined students, teachers, parents and the principal at Piccolo School of Excellence, one of the newest AUSL “turnaround” schools. In addition to these, additional schools across the city saw CPS leadership join them in ringing in the school year this morning for Track E schools.