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Latino State News

Mayor Elect Emanuel Picks New Head of Schools

Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel has picked the current Rochester Superintendent, Jean-Claude Brizard, as his head of Chicago Public Schools (CPS).  Currently Terry Mazny of the Chicago Community Trust is serving as interim CEO of CPS after Ron Huberman stepped down in November of last year. 

Brizard was chosen after Emanuel interviewed numerous candidates for the job.  Brizard had just signed a contract at Rochester to remain as head of schools there and subsequently received a vote of no confidence from the teacher’s union. Brizard is a former teacher. 

Brizard will face here many of the same issues as in Rochester: strong teachers union, budget shortfalls, declining government funding, and school closings.  Brizard had been head of schools in Rochester for three years before deciding to leave for Chicago.