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Latino State News

Local Resident Killed When Trying to Load Lawnmower into Parked Car

Local resident, Tina Ramirez, was killed when she was pinned between two cars in the Brighton Park neighborhood yesterday.  Apparently, Ramirez was trying to load a lawnmower into a car parked on the street when a car driven by Maria Castillo lost control and fatally struck her yesterday afternoon at 4400 S. Christiana Avenue.

Rmariez, age 40, lives at 4501 S. Spaulding Avenue.  She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.  Castillo also age 40 lost control of her 1997 Pontiac that pinned Ramirez between Castillo’s car and the one was putting the lawn mower into. 

Chicago Police are calling this an accident with no signs of drugs, alcohol or excessive speed as the cause.