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Latino State News

Little Village Priest on Hunger strike

Rev Jose Landaverde has spent much of his life being an advocate for immigration reform. Since June 17, Landaverde has been on a diet of water and fruit juice. Landaverde is participating in a planned chain of hunger strikes, when he took over for Rev Martin Santellano . Supporters say Santellano went 32 days without solid food.

Drawing attention to the cause for immigration reform has many growing increasingly frustrated. A concern over recent actions that have only seem to enforce tougher immigration laws has lead to an heightened sense of urgency.

Landaverde came to the US in the early 1990’s after having survived torture in El Salvador’s civil war. When he was a boy, government soldiers killed his parents. Landaverde says he is used to enduring pain and discomfort.

Young Landaverde was beaten and left for dead alongside a river in El Salvador. He was rescued by Jesuit Priests whom he credits for steering him in the path that has lead him to Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission, the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago storefront church in Little Village where he is pastor.


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