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Latino State News

Interim Police Superintendent Hillard Discusses Department Initiatives

Chicago Police Interim Superintendent Terry G. Hillard has implemented force deployment s designed to increase police visibility and enhance District law enforcement in advance of spring break and warm weather. Officer redeployments are set to bring a highly visible police presence into communities as the season attracts more residents and visitors outdoors.

More than 70 officers have been placed back into Districts from specialized assignments to strengthen the ranks in patrol operations. Nearly 400 additional officers in tactical assignments will return to uniform to provide greater police visibility and facilitate patrol presence and response.

Interim Superintendent Hillard is focused on the critical role of District law enforcement in answering calls for service and developing relationships with residents, business owners, and other community members in the City. The opportunity for regular interaction with uniformed officers on the beat encourages open communication and the public support necessary for responsive police service and for solving and preventing crime.

“District law enforcement is fundamental to ensuring appropriate responses to community concerns and is a vital presence in the City’s neighborhoods,” said Interim Superintendent Hillard. “The Bureau of Patrol is fundamental to our mission of serving and protecting residents and visitors especially during warmer weather.  However, to achieve this mission, it requires staffing and visibility,” he added.