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Hunger Relief Coming to Back of the Yards

Boys Town of Chicago and its community partners will be able to provide another year’s worth of nutritious meals, and much more, to their Back of the Yards neighbors with a second year of funding from the McCormick Foundation’s Chicago Tribune Charities – Holiday Campaign.

The $10,000 grant will help the Hunger Relief Network (Boys Town of Chicago, Holy Cross/IHM Kid’s Café and Casa Catalina-Basic Needs Center) provide food for the many children and families in the neighborhood who, more often than not, don’t get three square meals a day.

Doing so is not an easy task in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. Located in a ten-by-ten block radius on the southwest side of Chicago, the Back of the Yards neighborhood is home to nearly 30,000 people, almost 100 percent of them living in poverty, and most of them children. Over the course of the next year, the Hunger Relief Network projects to serve them more than 24,000 meals.

“The Hunger Relief Network has been a driving force for change in our neighborhood for the past two years,” said Michelle Conradt, Boys Town of Chicago Development Director. “By helping to meet this very basic need, the children and their families can focus on other matters – like being the best family and they can be.”

And now, Boys Town of Chicago and the rest of the Hunger Relief Network are taking it a step further by blending Boys Town’s Common Sense Parenting Classes with nutrition education, and the food they need to prepare healthy meals for their families.

“This partnership has helped us to expand our reach and positive affect in the Back of the Yards community over the last four years,” said Conradt. “The support from the McCormick Foundation’s Chicago Tribune Charities – Holiday Campaign has been instrumental in doing this, and we hope to continue a thriving partnership with them for a long time to come.”