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Latino State News

EDUCATION: Humboldt Park Dean Accepts National Excellence Award

At the U.S. capitol, Wednesday, Excelencia in Education saluted collegiate programs that boost Latino student success during the nonprofit’s fifth annual awards ceremony.

Three organizations were honored including the Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center. Upon receiving the 2010 Examples of Excellence for the associate degree level category, Madeline Roman-Vargas, dean of the school said, “I am very honored to accept this award. It is very easy to forget that we are the ones in the trenches and sometimes when we get to Washington we forget about what’s happening over there.”

The purpose of Excelencia in Education is to honor organizations that produce positive outcomes for Latino students so they can be passed on to other places.

Excelencia President Sarita Brown added, “Excelencia’s in Education’s goal is to facilitate (its) use by other academic institutions and grow the number of colleges and universities across the country increasing Latino success in higher education and thus contributing to the nation’s work force and civic leadership.”