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Latino State News

FBI Needs Your Help in Locating Man Tied to Logan Square Shooting

The FBI is seeking the public’s help in locating Dionisio Gonzalez, whom they have tied to a June shooting in Logan Square.  The shooting that occurred at the 3000 Block West of Belden Avenue was gang related but left two young girls shot.

Law enforcement alleges that Gonzalz and an accomplice were intending to shoot rival gang members when they ended up shooting 7 and 2 year girls that were playing in a nearby park. 

Gonzalez’ accomplice, Antonio Bucio who actually did the shooting was captured shortly after the incident and is charged with attempted murder.  Gonzalez has been ID as the driver of the car.

Gonzalez’ is described as a Hispanic male about 5’ 8” weighing 135 pounds with the a distinguishing tattoo on his chest that reads “Death Before Dishonor.”

Call 312-421-6700 is you have any details on Gonzalez’ whereabouts.