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Latino State News

DUI:  Divorce Celebration Turns to DUI Charges of Driving 5 MPH Asleep

34 year-old Raul Vega was so happy to have finalized his divorce that he celebrated with 10 to 12 beers.  The problem is he also decided to get behind the wheel of his Oldsmobile Alero. 

People saw him crawling along in the LIttle Village neighborhood where he lives driving at 5 mph or “drunk crawling his car”.  The car was stopped at the intersection of Cermak Road and Marshall Boulevard by police.  The police were able to stop his vehicle by hand and found Vega behind the wheel with his eyes closed and leaning his head against the head rest. 

Vega, who lives at 2600 West 24th St., has been charged with felony aggravated DUI, two misdemeanor counts of DUI and was cited for driving on an expired drivers license, not wearing a seat belt and driving too slow.