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Latino State News

“Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” Tasings by Chicago Police Increased in 2010

In 2009, the Chicago Police Department used their Tasers on people 197 times. In 2010 however, that number more than tripled to 683 according to the Independent Police Review Authority.

The huge jump is likely due to the number of available Tasers doubling over the year, jumping from 280 to 660, and also due to Taser-use no longer being investigated after each officer’s use of the “defusing tool”.

It was reported that “the agency said it has decided against investigating every time an officer uses a Taser, saying the hundreds of incidents were ‘overwhelming’ its resources. Instead, it will do so only if allegations of misconduct are made, serious injury or death resulted, or a minor or senior citizen was targeted.”

In 2005, CPD temporarily stopped the usage of the “stun guns” when a 54-year-old man died after being shocked with the electrical weapon, and a teen went into cardiac arrest after being stunned.

In 2007, a University of Florida student was famously Tasered and arrested when he caused a disturbance at a town hall forum with Senator John Kerry. The incident, caught on a cell phone camera, went world wide, and struck a cord with people over the proper use of Tasers.


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