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Department Of Tourism Releases New Chicago Neighborhoods eBook: “Eat Play Love Our Neighborhoods”

The city of Chicago has more neighborhoods that one would guess, built along ethnic, cultural and geographic lines. The city has 77 official “community areas,” yet locals recognize more than 200 sub-regions across Chicago, from Wildwood to The Island to Hegewisch.

In an attempt to keep visitors and locals in the loop (no pun intended) with the best of the city’s many neighborhoods, the Department of Tourism has released “Eat Play Love Our Neighborhoods,” a free e-book that includes descriptions, history, cultural information and the most relevant foods in 75 neighborhoods throughout Chicagoland.

Alan Solomon, an award-winning writer who served as travel writer for the Chicago Tribune for fourteen years, wrote the book.

He writes about the Little Village:

“The terra cotta gateway at 26th Street, the one with the tiled roof, says “Bienvenidos”—and suddenly it’s as if you’re not in Chicago anymore.
This is Little Village, the kinder, gentler name given the community once known as (and still officially listed as) South Lawndale. Park the car and walk, and listen, and sniff, and taste… and enjoy.”

For anyone, visitor or local, looking to explore some of Chicago’s less well-trodden areas, “Eat Play Love” is worth a read.

Download the book as a PDF.