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CTA Bus Crashes Humboldt Park School

About 4:05 p.m., “a westbound No. 66 (Chicago Avenue) bus was involved in a collision with a car that resulted in the bus striking the building,” CTA spokeswoman Wanda Taylor said.

There were 12 passengers on the bus, in addition to the driver, she said.

An EMS Plan II, which sends at least 10 ambulances, was called for the accident at 3645 W. Chicago Ave.

Richie Driver, 45, was walking to a neighborhood store when he witnessed the accident.

Two other vehicles—a car and a black SUV—were involved in the crash, he said. Apparently the car was going too slow for the SUV driver, so the SUV sped up and got into the lane the bus was traveling in. “The bus driver tried to keep from hitting him, and she (the bus driver) wound up hitting another car,” then striking the building, Driver said.

The SUV driver tried to drive away, according to Driver, but wound up stopping about a block up the street because of apparent radiator damage. The SUV “was steaming,” Driver said.

The scene on the street following the crash was not chaotic, Driver said, though “we thought the bus had run over some people.” When it was determined no one had been run over, bystanders ran to the bus and tried to help out passengers, but police and fire crews arrived quickly to take control.

A total of 12 people were taken to hospitals, according to Fire Media Affairs spokesman Quention Curtis. Two were in serious to critical condition, nine were fair to serious, and one was good to fair, he said.

One of those in critical condition was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County and the other in critical was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, according to police News Affairs. None of the injured were children, according to police reports.


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