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Latino State News

CRIME:  Using The CPD ClearPath Crime Reports Feature

The CPD ClearPath system which includes ALL crimes, is a useful tool! IF you search by index crimes versus non-index crimes, you don’t get an accurate picture about whats going on around you. Forget searching by beat, by ward, by pod camera, or any of that! Search by Police District, check the entire list of crimes and you’ll get a list of over one hundred criminal events, and ClearPath will only show you a few crimes at once.

LoganSquareReporter decided to play around with this system, and see if a complete listing of crimes could be obtained accurately. What do you know? It IS possible, but only if you search the entire date range twenty four hours at a time and opt in to search by hour. Seeing as each and every RD Number pulled is listed in ClearPath, nothing gets missed. However, this system will only show you those police responses for which a General Offense Case Report was completed with an RD and UCR Number assigned.

How to read these stats: The first piece of information is the assigned RD Number, the date, time, block number where the crime occurred, UCR Number, Primary Crime, Secondary Classification Of Crime, Whether the crime was domestic related, place crime occurred, whether or not an arrest was made, beat assigned, ward number and NIBRS Number.