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CPS CEO Huberman to Resign Nov. 29

Ron Huberman, Chicago Public Schools CEO, has announced he will resign.

Effective Nov. 29, sources say Huberman’s resignation was hastened by the stepping down of Mayor Daley. Last month, it was reported that Huberman told Daley he had no intention of serving another mayor and that he intended to leave his job long before the mayor left office in mid-May, though after news of his departure became public last month, Huberman actually denied he was leaving anytime soon.

The resigning CEO even stated,“What I’m willing to say is that there are very important issues going on in this district. I’m committed to making sure that this school year goes well. I’m committed to making sure that all of the hard work we’ve done to make the financial challenges of this district work this year and next year. I’m committed to following through on all of the different programs that we’ve started,” he said at the time. “That doesn’t happen in a week. That doesn’t happen in a month. That takes months. . . . We will absolutely be here to ensure that all of those things go very well. But none of us can see into the future. None of us have a crystal ball. With any mayoral election, there’s ultimately change in leadership that happens.”

Since Huberman is leaving so many issues unresolved or fixed, people like former longtime chairman of the City Council’s Education Committee Ald. Pat O’Conner, who criticized Huberman for “miserable’’ timing that left the Chicago Public Schools in the lurch at a time when the chief education officer’s job is also vacant.

On Wednesday, O’Connor was relieved that the leadership crisis had been brought to a head with a confirmation of Huberman’s status, saying, “It would have been better if the guy had stayed until the end of the school year or waited until a new mayor was elected and found someone to replace him. But you play the hand you’re dealt,’’ O’Connor said. “Everybody knows he’s not gonna be there. What needs to be accomplished wasn’t gonna happen anyhow because the level of cooperation wasn’t there,’’ so it makes sense for Huberman to leave sooner.