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COMMUNITY: Water Wars Update

In Chicago, a coalition of environmental justice, public health, consumer advocacy and community-based organizations has launched a campaign calling on city aldermen (as well as all mayoral and aldermanic candidates) to sign the Pledge to Protect Public Water, and pledge to vote against any proposed privatization of Chicago’s water system.

Everyone has the right to safe, clean, and affordable water - it is imperative that we keep our water system in public hands!

Download the pledge and petition here:
-water pledge

-water petition

En Espanol:

-compromiso de agua

-peticion de agua

Sign the online petition here!

With the City of Chicago facing continual budget shortfalls and entertaining more privatization schemes, it is critical that we organize now - proactively - to protect our water and keep it under public control.  Please join us!

  * Circulate the Petition to Protect Public Water in your neighborhood, workplace, and with any community groups you’re a part of.  Anyone who lives in Chicago can sign! Just click the “petition” link below to download the pdf.

  * Call your alderman and ask where they stand on the issue of water privatization.  Ask them to sign the Pledge to Protect Public Water, and let us know what they say! Help raise the issue at debates, speeches, and other forums related to the upcoming elections.

  * Get together with some friends and set up a meeting with your alderman.  Ask them to sign the Pledge to Protect Public Water. Feel free to get in touch for more information or tips on meeting with aldermen.

Not sure who your alderman is?  Find out here:  www.repsheet.com

For more information contact Abigail Singer, Water Organizer
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

2856 S. Millard
Chicago, Illinois 60623