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Latino State News

COMMUNITY:  Oldest Mural in Humboldt Park Gets Face lift

The mural La Crucifixion de Don Pedro Albizue Campos located at 2425 West North Avenue in Humboldt Park, just got a much needed face lift.  The mural was painted in 1971 to honor Puerto Rican efforts for independence.  It has Puerto Rico’s first revolutionary flag known as the Lares Revolutionary Flag as its back drop.  The mural also contains the faces of well known activist in the Puerto Rican independence movement: Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances, Segundo Ruiz Belvis, Jose Diego (known as the father of the Puerto Rican modern poetry movement) and many others.  The mural is iconic but has suffered from neglect until 1st ward Alderman Proco Moreno secured funding for the rehab and fencing.  The Puerto Rican Cultural center executed the new paint job with the help of the Division Street Business Development Association. Felicidades.

The mural is named after attorney Don Pedro Albizue Campos who founded the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and the first Puerto Rican to graduate Harvard in 1921.