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Chico Would Cut His Salary 20 Percent If Elected

As Daley’s chief of staff, Board of Education and park board president and City Colleges board chairman, Gery Chico believes he has shown he has what it takes to be Mayor of Chicago, and now, he’s adding a little honey to his mayoral candidate pot. If elected, Chico says he’ll cut his pay as mayor by 20 percent.

Chico’s proposed 20 percent pay cut is only his side of the deal. He is willing to cut his salary only if thousands of management employees at the city, school, parks, CTA and City Colleges to do the same. He says it is to claim the “moral ground” needed to demand cost-cutting concession from city.

“We can’t begin to entertain talking with our employees if we won’t take the lead. You don’t have the moral ground to be asking anybody else to be doing anything when you won’t lead by example in cutting your own pay,” said Chico.

Chico added that he would also ask Chicago’s 50 aldermen to partake in the 20 percent pay cut and consider a reduction in the number of standing City Council committees from the current roster of 19.

“This is no different from what families in every home in Chicago are doing right now. They’re tightening their belts to meet their revenues. . . . We will be leading by example to be able to have the tough discussions that will allow us to reshape our government.”