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Chicago Preliminary Crime Statistics for June, 2011

Chicago Police released preliminary crime statistics for the month of June and the numbers demonstrate that for the 30th consecutive month crime has dropped in violent and property index offenses and in overall crime in the city.  Overall crime was down 4.2 percent compared to crime numbers through June of 2010.

Once again, the homicide numbers showed some of the most significant drops this month, down 14.4 percent.  Through the end of June, there have been 31 fewer homicides this year than the same timeframe last year.  More than half of the 25 Districts citywide demonstrated decreases in their homicide numbers; most of those districts showed double or triple digit reductions.

The broader violent crime statistics showed across the board decreases in every category of violent crime.  In addition to the impressive homicide numbers, Aggravated Batteries dropped by 14.2 percent.  Aggravated Assault and Robbery declined by 13.6 and 3.9 percent, respectively.  Criminal Sexual Assault was down slightly, declining by 1.7 percent.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy noted that these decreases in violent crime are an encouraging start to what is traditionally a busy time of year for police. “The summer months can present unique challenges for the Department,” McCarthy said.  “The hard-working men and women of the Chicago Police Department have done a tremendous job responding to those challenges, and these numbers are a testament to their dedication.”

While property crime overall was down 2.9 percent, there were increases in three categories of property crime.  Burglary and Arson saw an uptick compared with the same timeframe last year, increasing 0.2 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively.  Motor Vehicle Theft was up 17.4 percent.  Incidents of Theft, however, dropped by 8.8 percent and property crime overall continued its downward trend of recent month.

According to preliminary statistics through the end of June 2011:

Violent Index Crime is down 8.9 percent

Homicide – down 14.4 percent

Criminal Sexual Assault – down 1.7 percent

Robbery – down 3.9 percent

Aggravated Assault – down 13.6 percent

Aggravated Battery – down 14.2 percent

Property Index Crime is down 2.9 percent

Burglary – up 0.2 percent

Theft – down 8.8 percent

Motor Vehicle Theft – up 17.4 percent

Arson – up 0.4 percent


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