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Latino State News

Chicago Police Want Weis to Resign

Police officers are calling for Superintendent Jody Weis to resign and say he is to blame for the manpower shortage they have been facing.

Alongside their families, hundreds of Chicago Police officers marched in protest on police headquarters on Wednesday. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) says officer morale is low due to the conditions under which they’re being told to work. They are often required to patrol neighborhoods without partners, as well as being given assignments outside of their home districts, and the city has stopped hiring new officers.

Weis has said the FOP has many criticisms, but lacks solutions.

In response, Union officials say they have offered a number of ideas, but that Weis has rejected them all.

Weis, who has no plan to step down, says he was hired to root out corruption in the police force and he’s doing it.

At least one candidate for mayor has said he’ll fire Weis if he’s elected.

Weis’ current contract is set to expire March 1st of next year.