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Latino State News

Chicago Police Report Double Digit Reduction in Most Crimes

Today Chicago Police released preliminary monthly crime statistics for the month of January.  The Department reported that violent crime dropped 10.2 percent and property crime dropped 10.7 percent.  In total, overall index crime decreased by 10.6 percent compared to January of 2010.  This drop in crime marks the 25th consecutive month of reductions of overall crime in Chicago.

There was an increase in the number of homicides in January 2011, a total of 28 compared to 22 last year.  Superintendent Weis also pointed out the devastating effect guns have in the city of Chicago.  The majority of the homicides in January, nearly 72% of the total, were committed with a firearm.

Every other category of violent crime decreased by double-digits.  Criminal Sexual Assaults showed the greatest reduction among violent crimes with a drop of 13 percent.  Aggravated Assaults and Aggravated Batteries declined by 11.3 and 10.1 percent, respectively.  Incidents of Robbery dropped 10.4 percent.  Property Crime showed reductions in every category of property index offenses except for Motor Vehicle Theft.  Theft dropped by 20.7 percent while Burglary and Arson showed 6.0 and 4.7 percent decreases, respectively.  Motor Vehicle Theft was up by 21.8 percent against the same time frame last year.