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Chicago Police Release Preliminary Data for March

Drop in Homicides, Overall Crime Down for the 27th Consecutive Month

Chicago Police announced preliminary crime statistics today for the month of March, which marked the 27th consecutive month of decreases in overall, violent and property index offenses in the City. Total crime was down by 8.1 percent Citywide compared to last year during the same period and violent and property crimes respectively reflected a 10.7 percent and 7.5 percent decrease.

Every category of violent index offenses dropped. Homicides decreased by 1.4 percent, after having been up by 18 percent at the end of February. Ten districts saw double digit declines in homicides through the end of March.

Aggravated batteries decreased by more than 17 percent Citywide. Additionally, aggravated assaults were down more than 13 percent and criminal sexual assaults decreased by 4.4 percent. The majority of police districts experienced violent crime reductions, and ten districts saw double-digit declines in violent index offenses.

Interim Superintendent Terry Hillard stressed the importance of patrol operations in fighting crime. “District law enforcement is fundamental to responding to community concerns and is a vital presence in the City’s neighborhoods,” Interim Superintendent Hillard stated. “The opportunity for regular interaction with uniformed officers on the beat encourages open communication and the public support necessary for responsive police service and for solving and preventing crime,” Hillard added. In support of this deployment strategy, more than 70 Chicago Police Officers were recently placed back in patrol districts from specialized units.

March 2011 Crime Statistics

Property offenses were down in all but one category, motor vehicle theft, which increased by 21.3 percent. Thefts were down in all 25 police districts by nearly 15 percent overall. Arsons dropped more than 3 percent and burglaries declined by 6.4 percent. According to preliminary statistics through the end of March 2011:

Violent Index Crime is down 10.7 percent

Homicide – down 1.4 percent
Criminal Sexual Assault – down 4.4 percent
Robbery – down 5.9 percent
Aggravated Assault – down 13.4 percent
Aggravated Battery – down 17.7 percent

Property Index Crime is down 7.5 percent

Burglary – down 6.4 percent
Theft – down 14.7 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft – up 21.3 percent
Arson – down 3.4 percent