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Chicago Police Release July 2011 Crime Statistics

Today, Chicago police released official crime statistics for July, which marked the 31st month of crime drops overall and in violent and property index offenses in the City. At the close of the month, a 2.9 percent decrease in total crime was supported by a 7.5 percent reduction in violent crime and 1.7 percent reduction in property crime.

Every category of violent index crimes demonstrated a drop according to official crime data for the month. Nineteen fewer murders resulted in a 7.4 percent decrease through the end of July compared to last year during the same period. Nearly halfway through August, the trend has continued with 25 fewer murders reported through August 14th, nearly a nine percent decrease. The greatest crime drops were shown in aggravated battery and aggravated assault offenses, which respectively decreased by 11.9 percent and 10.9 percent. Robberies and criminal sexual assaults also were down at the end of the month.

The most significant drop in property index offenses was in thefts, as highlighted with a 6.9 percent decline. Arsons, which increased in each of the last three months compared to the year before, were down slightly at the close of July compared to last year during this time. Burglaries were up by one percent, and motor vehicle thefts also showed an increase at 16.8 percent. Chicago Police have continued to aggressively respond to these crime incidents, announcing several newsworthy arrests in July related to burglaries and motor vehicle thefts.

Operation “Pay Back” was an investigation into an active auto theft ring which was operating throughout the City. At its conclusion, Area Four Detectives and the Intelligence Section announced charges against four men involved in the illicit operation, which was stealing approximately five to 10 vehicles on a weekly basis as police investigated. In a separate investigation into home invasions on the North Side, a 23-year-old man was charged with two counts of home invasion and one count of aggravated battery and residential burglary after members of the Belmont District Burglary Team and Belmont Area Detectives were able to track down the offender responsible for the incidents.

“Successful crime trends and arrests are not enough to abate the concerns of victims, community members, and others who are affected by crimes in our City,” said Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy. “We must have strong partnerships with engaged community members who are committed to working together to address crime at its root,” he added.

According to official statistics through the end of July 2011:

Violent Index Crime is down 7.5 percent
Homicide – down 7.4 percent
Criminal Sexual Assault – down 0.1 percent
Robbery – down 3.7 percent
Aggravated Assault – down 10.9 percent
Aggravated Battery – down 11.9 percent

Property Index Crime is down 1.7 percent
Burglary – up 1 percent
Theft – down 6.9 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft – up 16.8 percent
Arson – down 0.3 percent