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Latino State News

Chicago Mayoral Candidates Attend DREAM Act Rally

A DREAM Act rally held at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s campus on Monday counted Gery Chico and fellow mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle as attendees.

Mayor Daley’s former chief of staff, Gery Chico, said, “My grandfather came here from Jalisco, Mexico, and gave my father the opportunity to succeed and open his own two-man printing shop here in Chicago.”

Del Valle urged the newly elected senator, Mark Kirk, to make the DREAM Act his first priority, and to make his first “yes” vote in favor of the bill.

He also took to opportunity and the audience to take a jab at mayoral rival, Rahm Emanuel. Del Valle alleged Emanuel, while a congressman, “had the opportunity to act, but did not have the courage… He advised his colleagues not to act. As chief of staff to the President of the United States—a president who committed to the communities across this country that in his first year in office he would take action on comprehensive immigration reform. …Emanuel blocked that process.”

At the time of the DREAM Act rally, Emanuel, speaking at a Northwest Side paper factory, said he called Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week and told him he was more than willing to make calls in an attempt to talk senators into voting in favor of the DREAM Act.