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Latino State News

Chicago Latino Educational Leader Juan Rangel Endorses Emanuel By Passing Gery Chico

One of the most influential and prominent Chicago Hispanic’s, Juan Rangel, is not only endorsing Rahm Emanuel for Mayor he is signing up to be his campaign co-chair bypassing the leading Hispanic mayoral candidate, Gery Chico.

Rangel, is CEO of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) that operates one of the largest Chicago charter school systems with the majority of students being Hispanic.  Rangel clearly identified this as a personal endorsement not one being made by UNO.  Regardless, there was backlash and criticism by other Hispanic leaders.  Juan Andrade, of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, went as far as labeling the endorsement “pretty pathetic.” 

There are two prominent Hispanic’s on the mayoral ballot Chico and City Clerk Miguel del Valle.  Rangel stated he did not feel it necessary to support any Hispanic candidate just the most qualified.