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CDOT Fills More Than 350,000 Potholes In 2012

New Reforms Ordered by Mayor Emanuel Eliminate Request Backlog

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) today announced that it filled more than 350,000 potholes thus far in 2012 and eliminated a request backlog of more than 3,700 that existed in May due to efficiencies under reforms ordered by Mayor Emanuel.

CDOT adopted a new scheduling format that eliminated unnecessary travel and increased the number CDOT facilities that accepted asphalt deliveries to reduce delays for workers to replenish materials.  CDOT also released stringent new regulations in July of 2012 that require considerably higher standards of restoration for 3rd party street cuts, and larger restoration areas which had an immediate impact.

In addition, an aggressive arterial street resurfacing program that replaced more than 77 miles of roadway eliminated degraded streets that were prime candidates for the formation of potholes is still under way.  CDOT expects to fill more than 400,000 potholes in 2012.

“We continue to aggressively fill and repair potholes, which cause traffic problems and delays and pose dangers to pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Gabe Klein, Commissioner of the Department of Transportation.  “In addition to adopting new efficiencies, we are addressing the core problem of potholes, which is streets whose surfaces are in need of repair or complete resurfacing.”

CDOT officials have conducted a survey of arterial streets to determine which streets to resurface first.  In addition, CDOT is coordinating its roadwork with the Department of Water Management and utility companies, to help ensure that all infrastructure work is done while the street is already under repair.

In addition to the 77 miles of arterials streets its repaved, CDOT is completing several major projects this year.

Wacker Drive Viaduct and Congress Interchange – expected to re-open to traffic 11/30

Lakeshore Drive Resurfacing – expected to re-open to traffic 10/24

Michigan/Oak LSD Underpass – expected to re-open to traffic 11/16

Fullerton Bridge over the Lincoln Park Lagoon– expected to re-open to traffic 12/31

Kedzie Bridges in Marquette Park – expected to re-open to traffic 11/5

Torrence Vertical Lift Bridge over the Calumet River – expected to re-open to traffic 12/24


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