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BLOG:  Vintage Shopping in Pilsen

If I had to live in a neighborhood other than Ukrainian Village, where we currently reside, I would move to Pilsen in a heartbeat. It’s got a vibrant arts district, one of our favorite restaurants and really beautiful homes and apartments. Plus, Pilsen has way more paleta carts than Ukie Village and I could have pineapple popsicles everyday.

To put a cherry on top of all that, the vintage shopping is pretty damn good, as Aziza and I discovered on a Saturday trip to 18th Street.  Our first stop was Knee Deep, a mostly clothing store friends have been telling us to check out for months. We had a blast trying on vintage duds and marveling at the cutely decorated dressing rooms.

We both walked out with Mad Men style dresses but I’ll save that pic ’til the end. Right before leaving we somehow figured out that in addition to the racks and racks in the main room, there is a back room with more clothes and even some housewares. This meant trouble for me. More glasses.

I let these stay where they were, deciding on some more male-oriented glasses to surprise the Mister with. I forgot to take a photo of them in the store so here they are at home. $1 each. I also got the orange carafe in yesterday’s post at Knee Deep for $2.

Next stop was Pilsen Vintage and Thrift, a pretty affordable well put together little shop that smelled more like a thrift store than a vintage store. Yes, there is a difference.  I almost got this fan and had even talked them down by $5. Sadly, once plugged in, it sounded like a train on the tracks.

Other things I was interested in included a pair of turquoise chairs for $50 each and a still-working timeclock.  I had visions of clocking in and out for household chores but realized that the Mister would log many more hours than me, what with his working knowledge of the vacuum and all.

We left Pilsen Vintage and Thrift empty handed, but both shops are on my must visit lists from now on.  Knee Deep also does monthly midnight sales that sound like a lot of fun.  Keep up-to-date with them on Twitter and Facebook for more info on those. Hope to see you at the next one!

Knee Deep
1425 West 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 850-2510

Pilsen Vintage and Thrift
1430 West 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608-3004
(312) 226-6110