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Latino State News


ImageDr. Simon Baruch of New York, initial promoter of such institutions.

The philanthropist found himself well known, even in the Eleventh ward of Chicago. In which he had never before set foot. Over the entrance to the $23,000 structure is placed his picture, and as he entered last night in company with Health Commissioner W.A. Evans, Henry C. Lytten, and others, he was hailed by juvenile shouts of “dere’s da guy whose mug’s over the door.” It pleased him greatly.

Ald. E.F. Cullerton, Ald. Frank Danisch, and Dr. George C. Hunt, medical inspector in charge of the public baths introduced the speakers. Dr. Evans pointed out that Chicago had twice as many municipal baths as New York and Dr. Baruch said that Dr. Gertrode Waltington of Chicago had persuaded the city to adopt his plans in 1868, while he vainly pleaded with Gotham mayors for appropriate for ten years. Chicago’s good hygienic condition was due, he said, to a “health department which worked in his shirt sleeves and not in silk hats.”

The baths, which are all showers, will be opened today.


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