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Latino State News

Alderman Burke Endorses Gery Chico for Mayor

Alderman Edward Burke (14th) powerful chairman of the City Council’s Finance Committee, has given his support to Gery Chico for mayor.

“Look at his record. He’s been chief of staff in the mayor’s office. He’s been president of the school board, president of the park board, president of the junior college board. He’s a skilled lawyer,” Burke said.

“I invite you to check the record of the City Council meeting not too many months ago when he was approved as the head of the junior colleges. In excess of 40 members of the City Council stood up and praised his ability, skill, honesty integrity. He’s well-known and well-liked by members of the City Council.”

Alderman Burke has been a friend of Chico’s for a long time. During Council Wars, Chico served as a Finance Committee staffer under Burke . Burke’s 14th Ward Democratic Organization circulated Chico’s nominating petitions and members of the Chico family are longtime residents of the 14th Ward.