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7 Boys in Bridgeport Neighborhood Record Themselves Beating Boy, Post on YouTube (VIDEO)

The alley behind James Ward Elementary School in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood was the site of a gruesome beating of a teenaged boy, and while it was hard to watch, the attack was caught on video and loaded to YouTube.

In the video, a young man of Asian decent is kept is cornered by at least 7 other young men who continuously kick, punch, smack, and yell racial slurs at him.

Though police had not officially released the names of anyone involved, video viewers did some research and likely due to being recognized by classmates or other those that know them, the abusers are named.

One YouTuber posted the following information:

James Ward Elementary School
2701 South Shieds Ave. Chicago Illinois 60616
Phone: 773-534-9050 Fax: 773-534-9044
Principal: Karen_ D. Anderson
Names of the guys:
Todd Ramos-grey/black hoodie
Ray Long-white boy no mask
Wesely wu-grey hoodie, main dude that kept hitting him
easley wu-little short guy, big puffy jacket with fur hood/blue striped adidas pants
johnny li-blue hoodie/blue snap back on
danny hui-dressed all black/northface jacket/black shoes

Police stated that they did not believe the attack was racially motivated, and if the list of violent offenders is correct, the police’s theory could be because the majority of those listed are of Asian decent as well.

While the attack is brutal (be advised that the video is hard to watch), some relief is had in the fact that it appears the boy being beaten is able to run away from his attackers.


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