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48th Ward Democratic Party Endorse Emanel for Mayor

Following its endorsement session with the four major candidates, Chicago’s 48th Ward Democratic Party has given their endorsement for mayor to Rahm Emanuel.

During the meeting, which included candidates Emanuel, Carol Moseley Braun, Gery Chico, and Miguel del Valle, Emanuel cited public safety, Chicago’s economy, and public education as the major issues needing to be addressed by whoever is elected mayor on February 22nd.

“They are not at the exclusion of other issues,” Emanuel said. “But you’ve got to, in these times, focus on the fundamentals and get them right.”

Emanuel stated that as far as public schools were concerned, the schools need principals who are not afraid to stand up and be held accountable, quality teachers, and more parent involvement in their students’ education and welfare.

On public safety, Emanuel said he’d hire more police officers and replace Superintendent Jody Weis. He also recommitted to improving public transportation, and pointed to his role in getting funding for the $530 million renovation project for the CTA Brown Line—completed early last year—as proof to that commitment, and pledged to do the same for the Red Line by extending it to 103th Street on the city’s South Side.

The former Northside congressman has served as adviser to President Bill Clinton, and chief of staff under President Obama.