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Latino Entertainment

Recently Rescured Miner Edison Peña will run the NYC Marathon on Sunday.

Less than one month after being lifted in a capsule back to civilization,  the now-famous Chilean miner Edison Peña will run Sunday in the New York City Marathon.

Mary Wittenberg, president of the New York City Road Runners Club said Peña, 34, was originally invited by  organizers of the annual marathon, to “attend the event as a spectator”.  “Peña however, insisted on running in the 26.2-mile marathon!” Wittenberg said.

“He had the fortitude to take the time and run when in what most would describe as a pretty scary situation,” Wittenberg told CNN.

“To be out there whether running or walking is such an affirmation of the human spirit,” she said of the marathon.

Peña, nicknamed ” El Deportista,” “Forrest Gump,” “The Runner” and “The Elvis” (because of a die-hard passion for the king), will be traveling to New York with his wife. The couple has also been invited to Graceland in Memphis TN, by the Elvis Presley Enterprises, who reportedly sent Peña Elvis music while he was trapped underground so he could exercise to “the best rock and roll ever made” everyday.