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Latino Entertainment

Mexican American Robert Rodriguez One-Man Film Crew

The editor turned on her swivel black office chair and blurted ‘you must know who he is,’ she continued before I could confess that I didn’t have a clue, ‘he’s definitely on the list of people you should know.’ I eagerly investigated the name, Robert Rodriguez, and indeed he is. Most of us may not be be familiar with the name but we are definitely intuned with his work.

His upcoming Hollywood film “Predators” out this weekend is a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Predator” that most of us grew up watching on our parents television sets. But that is just the start of a long list of films that he produced, wrote, and directed to say the least. His talent enabled him to set him apart from his colleagues, but the film El Mariachi gave him street credibility among peers. The $7,000 production won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 1992. The film was picked up by Columbia Pictures and distributed after being “cleaned up”. The sequel to El Mariachi was Desperado featuring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

His trajectory includes Spy Kids, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Sin City are only some of the highlights of his work. He has also collaborated with Quentin Tarantino on From Dusk Till Dawn, and with Kevin Williamson on The Faculty.

Rodriguez calls his style of making movies the “Mariachi-Style” attributing “creativity, not money, is used to solve problems” and is often referred as the “one-man film crew” for often wearing different hats during production and filling in as editor, director of photography, camera operator, steadicam operator, composer, production designer, and the list goes on…

The Mexican American director officially announced in 2006 that he and his wife Elizabeth Avellán separated after 16 years of marriage. They have five children, sons Rocket Valentino, Racer Maximilliano, Rebel Antonio, Rogue Joaquin, and daughter Rhiannon Elizabeth.


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