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Latino Entertainment

New Vargas Llosa Book “El Sueño del Celta” Available Now in Spanish Only (BILINGUAL)

Mario Vargas Llosa, the 2010 literature Nobel Prize winner from Perú has released a new novel “El Sueño del Celta” less than one month after being laureated with the greatest prize in the world of writers.

Published by the Spanish Alfaguara, the new novel went on sale on Spain and other Spanish speaking markets on Wednesday, in an initial edition of half a million copies.

Vargas Llosa’s latest won’t be available in English until early 2012. The book, just shy of 500 pages is based on the life of Roger Casement (1864- 1916), a British consul in the Belgian Congo in the early nineteen hundreds.

Casement was one of the first Europeans to denounce the atrocities of colonialism in Congo, regarded as private property by king Leopold II. He traveled to the country with “Heart of Darkness” author Joseph Conrad. Once knighted by the British, Casement was later executed on charges of assisting Irish nationalists.

Casement was a “fascinating” and “visionary” figure, “The duality between the hero and ordinary human being is what attracted me,” Vargas Llosa added when explaining the motivations he had to write about Casement.

The writer said he had respected basic historic facts about Casement, but also invented a lot.

“I only lie when I write novels,” the Peruvian author said.