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Latino Entertainment

Largest Fresco in North American Debuts Honoring Hispanic Culture

The National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico is debuting the largest concave fresco in North American in celebration of their 10th anniversary and in honor of Hispanic culture. Image The 4,000 square foot fresco titled Torreón Fresco was created by local artist Frederico Vigil and took a decade to complete.

Over 3,000 years of Hispanic history are depicted in the broadest sense, from Europe to Mesoamerica and into the American Southwest, illustrating the complexities and diversity of the Hispanic experience.

ImageThe fresco is painted in the round and is accomplished through a complex process requiring great precision and concentration by the artist. It involves numerous coats of plaster, various stages of drawing, precise mixing of inorganic pigments, and application of paint onto wet plaster.