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Latino Daily News

Monday November 21, 2011

Zetas’s High Tech Narco-Communications Central Seized (VIDEO)

Zetas’s  High Tech Narco-Communications Central Seized (VIDEO)

Photo: Zetas Communication Central Shut Down

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Communication equipment valued at $350,000 was seized by Mexican army elements in Torreón who raided a home known by Zeta narcos as “The Central.”

The $350,000 worth of equipment, was used by the Zetas for the control and coordination of their criminal cells as well as to monitor security forces to evade capture. 

Army elements seized a central processing unit as well as 2 high capacity hard drives, long-range broadband digital radio equipment, networked laptops, 63 digital radios, 59 analog radio units with multiple accessories and a digital ICOM radio to communicate with aircrafts from the ground and 24 cell phones.  Mexican authorities also found several doses of cocaine.

4 people were arrested.