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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 19, 2012

Yunel Escobar Justifies Gay Slur as a Latino Tradition, Given 3 Game Suspension

Yunel Escobar Justifies Gay Slur as a Latino Tradition, Given 3 Game Suspension

Photo: Yunel Escobar's Tu Eres Maricon

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Cuban Yunel Escobar must have forgotten that Spanish is the most spoken foreign language in North America when he wrote a naughty on his eye-black. 

The 29-year-old shortstop has been in MLB here in the States since 2005 and though he hasn’t mastered the English language he has stayed true to his native tongue and chose to remind us last weekend.  Escobar wrote in Spanish “Tu eres maricon” on his eye-black which regardless of your Spanish be it Cuban Spanish or Spanish Royal Academy Spanish translates to “You are a faggot.” 

The Toronto Blue Jay-er justified his words as a cultural tradition telling NBC Sports that is often “said among the Latino community”  insisting “It’s a word without meaning.”  Yunel, that might be correct but you were in Rogers Centre in Toronto some 1,500 due north of your peeps in Havana. 

And who exactly were you calling a faggot so we can ask them if they think it is a word without meaning?  The consensus amongst the Latino community especially among the gay and lesbian community will not be on your side.

After feeling the full wrath of the politically correct MLB, Yunel issued an apology and assured us he has gay friends all of them in service to his lifestyle, from his hairdresser to decorator.  Who says Latinos aren’t assimilating.

The MLB wasn’t impressed they have suspended Escobar for three games giving him enough time to find more ‘gay’ friends and think before doing.  He will also be required to participate in a sensitivity training program.