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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 4, 2010

Yale Finds Rare Diego Velazquez Masterpiece in Basement

For over 80 years an early work of Spanish Master Diego Velazquez has lingered unattended in the basement of Yale University.  It was donated in the 1920’s in poor condition without a Velazquez signature and was assumed to be from another unknown painter from Seville, Spain. 

The 300 year old painting, “The Education of the Virgin” is believe to have been painted by the Master painter in 1617 and damaged by floods in 1626.  When it was donated it was in poor condition and sent immediately into storage without much thought.  As the University Art Gallery was undergoing renovations it surfaced and a keen employee realized what they had on their hand – one of the earliest works of Velazquez with a value between $15 to $17 million. 


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