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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Xavier Font of Locomía Denies Drug Trafficking Charges

Xavier Font of Locomía Denies Drug Trafficking Charges

Photo: Locamia Founder in Drug Trouble

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The founder of the 80s group Locomía, accused of trafficking illegal substances, said before a judge that the substances found in his house were for personal consumption. 

Xavier Font, manager and founder of the group Locomía, strongly denied having anything to do with the drugs found in his house in 2009.  Facing drug trafficking accusations, Font argued that the substances were for personal consumption and to share with friends but were never for commercial use.

“I do not take drugs.  I have used “poppers” only for sexual stimulation,” maintained the singer according to “La Vanguardia.”

In front of a judge, Font testified that he was unaware that the pills found in his home were ecstasy. He maintained that they belonged to a friend and former roommate, a ballet dancer named Rubén. 

During the search of both of Font’s homes, officials found 110 bottles of ‘poppers,’ as well as 116 ecstasy pills.  Typically the Spanish judicial system will sentence seven years in prison with an additional fine after the discovery of a drug such as ecstasy.