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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 12, 2010

WTF?  Brazil Prepares for UFO Visits

Are there UFO’s, also known as Unidentified Flying Objects, in Brazil?  No one knows for sure but if there are the Brazilian military will be ready.  In an unprecedented and WTF move - as in What’s That For – Brazil’s Air Force has created procedural guidelines on what to do when a UFO appears.

What the specific procedures are remain secret, we assume just in case space aliens can read Portuguese.  Throughout Brazil’s history UFO sightings have been reported and investigated, the most recent report in 1996 when a flying saucer was seen in Varguinhas with people (not sure if they would be called people,  space aliens or just Amigos) seen exiting the space craft.  Residents claim the military apprehended the visitors and are holding them against their will.