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Latino Daily News

Friday July 9, 2010

WTF!  Arizona Republican Voter Drive to be Held at LowRider Car Show

You read it here folks.  Tomorrow, the Hispanic Republican party, yes one does exist, is hosting a Voter Registration Drive at the Low Rider Car Show.  The “lowrider” is a style of car most identified with Mexican-Americans or Chicanos; the cars move up and down on souped up hydraulic systems with loud speaker systems. 

“Somos Republicans” is a Republican organization seeking to “increase the Latino Republican” voting block by 100% within two years.  Good Luck!

In fairness to the organization they have issued a press statement condemning Arizona SB1070 and firmly back the concept that immigration is a federal government issue.  Clearly they have not been conferring with other branches of the Arizona Republican party especially those that drafted SB 1070 or Republican Governor Jan Brewer

Photo Credits: Lower Rider Magazine


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