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Latino Daily News

Friday December 16, 2011

World’s Third Smallest Baby Just 9oz Born to Haydee Ibarra

World’s Third Smallest Baby Just 9oz Born to Haydee Ibarra

Photo: World's Third Smallest Baby Just 9oz Born to Haydee Ibarra

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At just 24 weeks in the womb, 9.5oz Melinda Star Guido became the world’s third smallest baby to be born and survive until her due date.

On August 30, Melinda was the born 16 weeks early, and is said to have weighed the same as just two iPhones and was the size of a pop can. If she had not been born early, and been carried full term, she would have been born Friday, December 16.

Now, weighing about 4.12 lbs, her mother, 22-year-old Haydee Ibarra and father, Yovani Guido, says they hope to have her home by the new year.

Melinda had to be delivered by caesarian section due to a high blood pressure condition that risked both mother and daughter’s health. Ibarra’s high blood pressure was interfering with her body’s ability to give the baby proper nutrition.

Though even doctors admit they did not think the tiny baby would survive, she it doing much better at 3 1/2 months after spending much of her time in an incubator with her mother by her side every night.

Though physically she is doing much better, doctors have warned the parents that extremely premature children can have developmental delays and impairments like blindness, cerebral palsy or deafness.

Melinda was born at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

Watch an Associated Press video report about the tiny infant below.

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