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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 15, 2010

World Cup Attendees Beware

An employee of the firm in charge of World Cup 2010 ticketing was found to be peddling birth dates, passport and other data of 2006 World Cup, exposing 250,000 attendees’ details.

Hundreds of thousands of attendees at the 2006 World Cup international soccer tournament in Germany were put at risk of identity theft, though a major breach of a Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) database that was only recently uncovered. Initially reported by Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, the breach came to light when an employee of the firm in charge of World Cup 2010 ticketing, circulated an e-mail peddling more than 250,000 2006 World Cup customer details.

According to the director of security strategy at database monitoring firm Imperva, the interesting hook to this story is that the customer data in question came from the Germany event 4 years ago and not the South African World Cup this summer. He said the event is indicative of a number of failures, including carelessness with older databases and unused data, a failure to think beyond the conclusion of the event, and a failure to have a full data security protection and destruction strategy.