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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Women Living at Border Stage Hunger Strike While Protesting in Front of White House (VIDEO)

A group of women, all part of a grassroots organization, are protesting in front of the White House and staging a hunger strike to bring attention to the lack of economic security at the U.S.-Mexico border. 


The women are part of La Mujer Obrera and want their own form of ‘border security’ in the form of economy security:  more jobs, more vocational and educational opportunities.”  Specifically the women want the President to fund the Southwest Regional Development Authority that helps with economic development in border states.  Many of the women own small business in El Paso, Texas that have been hurt from the economy and border violence. 

“We are trying to raise the visibility of issues that contribute to the root causes of violence and poverty, such as the lack of jobs and the lack of education opportunities,” Andrade said. “We need to invest in long-term economic development.  “Back home, we’re invisible, but here in front of the White House they can’t ignore us.”