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Thursday May 31, 2012

Woman Found tied Up In Aroldis Chapman’ s Hotel Room

Woman Found tied Up In Aroldis Chapman’ s Hotel Room

Photo: Aroldis Chapman has More Problems

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According to Cincinnati news, Aroldis Chapman’s girlfriend was found tied up in his hotel room.  Claudia Manrique, 26, was in the hotel room during the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates game in Pittsburgh.  The newspaper reported that some hotel guess called police around 10:00pm when they heard a women scream.  Manrique told police she opened the door after a man said he was a part of the hotels maintenance department.  Once the man was inside the room he demanded valuables.  When Manrique refused the man tied her up.  She was not harmed; however the assailant got away with jewelry, credit cards as well as other items. 

The Reds have issued the following statement: “We are aware of the hotel room robbery of one of our players and are working with local law enforcement agencies. Because it is an active police investigation, we have no other comment at this time.”

Chapman has made headlines the past few weeks for being arrested for speeding on a suspended license and facing a lawsuit from a man in Cuba who claims Chapman helped to falsely imprison him.  Nonetheless, Chapman is performing well having struck out 44 batters in 26 innings.

Written by HS News Sports Writer:  Tim Horodyski


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