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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 11, 2013

Woman Dies from Lethal Butt Injections in Costa Rica

Woman Dies from Lethal Butt Injections in Costa Rica

Photo: Butt Deformation Case - Costa Rica

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Costa Rican authorities are reporting the death of a 33-year-old woman from illegal buttocks injections.  The unidentified victim received butt shots as a cosmetic procedure that became infected. 

This case comes on the heals of a Santa Ana, Costa Rican woman claiming her butt was deformed by industrial silicone injects administered at an unlicensed clinic. 

Latina woman are often the victims of unlicensed, unscrupulous ‘cosmetic’ clinics here and throughout Latin America claiming to have the answer to a small or sagging posterior.  The cruelest of these medical frauds use silicone easily found at your local hardware store.  In the worse medical cases dubbed ‘silicone embolism syndrome’ the silicone will travel to the patient’s lungs and get stuck in airways.

These illicit procedures are on the rise, thanks to a slow economy and patients that can’t afford to be seen by licensed plastic surgeons.

Last year Whalesca Castilla was jailed for importing liquid silicone from the Dominican Republic and administering injections to women for butt enhancements. While Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman has struggled with the negative effects of a 2009 butt enhancement procedure.