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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 5, 2012

Woman Dies from 15-Inch Vaginal Penetration, Gavin Yepa Now Faces Life in Prison

Woman Dies from 15-Inch Vaginal Penetration, Gavin Yepa Now Faces Life in Prison

Photo: Gavin Yepa Arrested, 15-Inch Vaginal Penetration Death

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Yesterday afternoon, FBI special agents arrested Gavin Yepa, 26, a member and resident of Jemez Pueblo, on a criminal complaint alleging a sexual assault resulting in death charge. If convicted of this offense, Yepa faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

U.S. Attorney Kenneth J. Gonzales said that Yepa is charged with killing Lynette Becenti, a 38-year-old Navajo woman, during a sexual assault that took place at Yepa’s residence on the night of December 29, 2011. According to the criminal complaint, Yepa allegedly met Ms. Becenti in San Ysidro, N.M., earlier that evening, and drove her to his residence with the hope of having sex with her. Shortly before midnight, Yepa allegedly flagged down tribal officials and reported that there was a woman in his home who was not breathing.

When Yepa escorted the officers into his residence, the officers observed a large amount of blood on the floor extending through several rooms, including a bedroom where they observed Ms. Becenti’s nude body that was smeared with blood from head to toe.

The complaint further alleges that an examination of Ms. Becenti’s body revealed that she had been bleeding from the vagina and/or anus. A shovel allegedly was located near Ms. Becenti’s body and approximately 15 inches of the shovel handle was stained and coated with a substance that appeared to be blood. According to the complaint, a witness went to Yepa’s residence at approximately 10:30 p.m. on December 29, 2011, and allegedly observed Yepa inserting the handle of the shovel and another object into Ms. Becenti’s vagina or anus.

The complaint alleges that preliminary findings of an autopsy performed on December 30, 2011 revealed that Ms. Becenti died due to excessive internal hemorrhaging caused by approximately 15 inches of vaginal penetration that extended from the opening of the vagina to the diaphragm.